Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Virus? What virus?

Unless you're living under a rock (and that might be one of the safest places right now), you are somehow affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic raging across the globe.  While the disease itself is far less commonplace than many other pandemics, giving rise to careless cynicism about how to best approach the problem, as well as generating heaping loads of misinformation, the contagiousness of the disease as well as its mortality rate are enough to give all but the most stubborn cause to take notice.

Apparently even the United States Congress has managed to stir from its months long lethargy and partisan bickering to actually pass some legislation and send it on to the President, who has managed to sign the legislation in between press conferences where he says things that medical professionals (and even the Vice President) have to tastefully and calmly rebut.

I have prepared a comprehensive guide to Pennsylvanians who are facing the triple whammy of the pandemic, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (or "FFCRA" among friends), and Governor Wolf's "shut down" order applying to all "non-life-essential businesses."  Parenthetically, all businesses are life-essential to their employees, but I digress.

You can find my guide to the new law, which is effective April 1, 2020 here.

I will update it as more legislation, such as the widely touted "Two Trillion Dollar Relief" law, wends its way into enactment.

Hang in there, friends.  Practice social isolation, and wash those hands!


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