Friday, September 19, 2014

Are you the Kind of Employer Whose Employees Have to be Impaired to Work for You?

A recent study released by Mashable claims that 9.74% of Americans have gone to work under the influence of marijuana.  The sample size was 534 and the methodology was via SurveyMonkey, so while I wonder about the scientific reliability of the study and to whom it was directed, there is a lesson to be learned.

Do you run a workplace where nearly 10% of your employees have to get stoned to come to work? Even if they aren't stoned, are they coming in already having ingested alcohol?  I wonder what the study would have revealed if it asked about both alcohol and marijuana.

I get called by people who are having a rough time of it at work all the time.  They have to deal with "bossholes" (that's what we call immediate supervisors who are bullies) making ridiculous demands and giving humiliating "feedback."  These employees daily confront the aggravation of public transit or congested highways only to be greeted by a surly co-worker or supervisor who, under the guise of "business as usual," is completely lacking in social graces or empathy.

It's a rough world out there.  Be the kind of employer where your employees want to work.  Be the kind of supervisor who inspires those whom you supervise to make you look better while bettering themselves.  Remember that almost every one of your employees would leave you in a flash if they won the lottery jackpot.

The late Mike Conrad, playing Sargent Phil Esterhaus on Hill Street Blues used to say at the end of roll call "let's be careful out there."

I say "let's be human beings out there."


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